We're Blessed
To Be A Blessing

We believe in constantly challenging the status quo instead of conforming to the norm! We believe in taking back our control in all aspects of our lives! We believe in the power of the people! We believe in leading a contributive life. We believe we are precious and our unique and irreplaceable existence is to joyously fulfill our noble purpose of being a blessing to the human race. We believe WE ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING to the ordinary people who are intensely hungry to fulfill their extraordinary dreams.


To transform the rat race history by fostering a steady stream of blessed and purpose-driven capable global citizens committed in fulfilling their noble purpose of blessing the world to lead a joyously abundant life.


We are fiercely resolute to empower the common men and women to enjoy healthy, joyous and abundant lives extraordinarily, and maximise their innate potential to achieve their cherished dreams, with a life changing global entrepreneurial business opportunity.

Our Core Values:



We are the determined ones, we stay committed and persevere no matter the situation, the word ‘quit’ is not found in our dictionary, we work joyously and assiduously towards our dreams with a great sense of urgency and yet with patience and composure.

We consciously choose grateful empowering thoughts and humbly learn from every experience. Challenges are placed in our way to help us grow.

We are AI warriors.
We focus joyously on our purpose without begrudging our own lives.


We choose courage over comfort.

We courageously use our vulnerable and sincere hearts to touch more hearts.


We are unconditionally loyal to our dreams and our mentors who go out of their way to empower us, to uplift us. We live with a heart of immense gratitude, joy and appreciation.

We are loyal to those who authentically care and help us. We are loyal to those who relentlessly believe in us. In return, we serve the world with LoVe and Loyalty.


We are Crazy Champions who dare to dream, to be different, to be impractical. Crazy people are upbeat, fun loVing to be with and to work with.

We serve the common people with our caring hearts. We are comfortable in our own skin with our unique craziness.

AI, according to its Chinese pronunciation means LoVe (爱) Precious people are our greatest assets. We believe only loVe can touch lives in an irreversible way. We celebrate as AI Family spreads ever-increasingly around the world as common as TALC powder.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power,
but because of its persistence.”
James N. Watkins
“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary
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